Puppy Mills Still A Part Of Society

64 dogs were seized at a puppy mill in Quebec Friday, June 15, according to http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/dogs+seized+puppy+mill/6795142/story.html. All I have to say on this subject is STOP buying dogs/cats/rabbits at pet stores. Yes even I feel the need to “save” a puppy from a petstore or once I almost  bought a dog out of the back of someone’s truck but I didn’t because even though I fear what will happen to these dogs, I know the vicious cycle will keep repeating itself and more bad millers will get money in their pockets just to help fill up our shelter systems. If you’ve decided to buy a dog from a breeder–fine, but make sure you know you’re dealing with a responsible breeder and not a puppy mill. Tell tale signs are:

Have the puppies seen a vet (have they had their first round of shots)?

Will the breeder allow you to meet the parents and see where the puppies are being housed?

If you are allowed to see the area, is it clean or is it unsanitary?

How often does the breeder have puppies?

How many dog breeds do they have? Most reputable breeders only have one kind of breed.

How old is the mother of the puppies? If she’s younger than two or looks quite old this could be a major red flag…

How does the mother’s belly look? Is it sagging? Is it obvious that she’s had too many litters?

Have you been interviewed as a possible placement home or did you basically tell them where you live and were asked to mail in a deposit? Reputable breeders will not just give away their puppies to anyone. They will interview you like you’re signing up for a job, and they will never “fly” a puppy to you without meeting you first.

Do they know about the breed? Visit the CKC or AKC website to learn about breed standards then quiz the breeder. Any good breeder should know these things.

If you suspect you are dealing with a puppy mill, don’t simply walk away, phone your national Humane Society (Canada: 1-800-641-KIND (5463) ), or the RCMP. Together we need to force change.


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