10 Dog Products Every Owner Should Have

There are a lot of amazing dog products out there that will make for a happier dog owner. Here are the top ten that I’ve added to my household.

1) Recirculating Water Fountain

Like the one from Drinkwell. I like it because recirculating water re-oxygenates the water making it “fresh” every time your cat or dog drinks from it.

2) Training Clicker

I personally love the Starmark click but any clicker will do…I just like this one for the easy press, and durable plastic.

3) Seat Belt or Car Seat (depending on dog size)

For larger dogs I’m diggin’ the Solvit Dog Harness, it has many good features to keep your dog safe and comfortable during the ride.

For a small dog I think car seats are the best way to go, my doxie has a harness but he’s so light its hard for him to stay on the seat so we’ll be upgrading to the Snoozer Lookout very soon. It also features an interior clip to attach to your dog.

4)Travel Bowls

Nothing worse then going on a road trip and having to worry about bringing a bulky dog bowl with you. I’ve had the Popware dog bowl for nearly 2 years and it shows zero sign of ware and it has a clip if you need to attach it while you’re hiking or for easy storage.

5) Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are a GODSEND when you’ve had a long day at work, or you’re just tired and need a break! My absolute FAVOURITE puzzle toy I’ve bought for my doxie is the Buster Cube. It comes in two sizes and it’s totally indestructible. How? The toy is designed so that the dog can’t really grasp it to chew it. Dogs are forced to roll it around to knock the treats out of the inner maze. Difficulty can be set from easy to hard.

6) Healthy Snacks

This should be a no-brainer however, I still see people giving their dogs treats like “Beggin’ Strips” which basically isn’t even derived from a food source! Unnatural treats can cause diarrhea, stomach upset, vomitting, etc. The healthiest snacks have ONE ingredient on the label. The treat my doxie is getting right now are from a local company called Dig It! Delights, and those have definitely become his guilty pleasure.

Visit their webpage for a whole line of deliciousness: http://www.digitdelights.ca/

7) Walking Harness

Hands down the BEST harness I’ve come accross is the Buddy Belt. I’ll warn you now that it is quite costly BUT it is worth every penny. This harness doesn’t chafe due to the superior design. It comes in a wide variety of colours and well they just LOOK great.

8) Biodegradable Poop Bags

We all hate picking up our dogs poopy, and sometimes there isnt a garbage around anywhere! Bio bags are the perfect solution, and I love the ones that are scented like Earthday Bags. Never have a down wind up your nose again!

9) Microfiber Towel

The reasoning is simple–It takes half the time to dry your dog!

Try one like Drypet.

10) Jacket/Sweater

Dogs get cold, and lots of dogs hate the rain. Many companies make good jackets or sweaters but don’t just go by the brand, go by what fits the best. I’m diggin’ RC Pets, Canine Equipment, and pretty much anything else I find at Tisol 😛


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