12 Beginner Dog Tricks

So I have not yet mastered this list but we’re working on it daily and Oliver really enjoys it. We do everything with treats and a clicker. He ENJOYS the clicker because he knows that noise will yield something delicious. Note, when introducing a new trick don’t do more than one until your dog gets it. Personally I think they will get confused if you ask too much of them and if you’re not sure how to use a clicker seek the advice of a certified dog trainer. If your dog starts getting frustrated take a 30 minute break. This is A LOT of brain work!


“Touch”–Pretty obvious what it is, but it is so handy if you need their attention quickly, or you want them to focus.

“Back Up”–Again obvious, but this is my favourite command when Oliver is hovering when I’m cooking or leaving the house.

“Pick It Up”–I don’t enjoy picking up all of Oliver’s collars and toys, so why not teach him to do it. So far we have the picking up part down but he doesn’t quite get where I want them to be put.

“Go To Bed”–I’d rather Oliver enter his bed or crate when asked rather then “guiding” him as guiding him usually causes him to not want to do it.

“Crawl”–We haven’t completed this yet but I think this would be another great focusing command.

“Find It”–Encourages dogs to use their senses.

“Hold It”–Another great focusing activity. Slowly increase time as they get it.

“Wait”–My favourite command when out for a walk as there are many stairs in our area and I don’t want Oliver running up them too fast.

“Slow”–Great on walks again, I use it when going down stairs (although doxie’s really should be carried up and down steps), it makes him takes his steps more..intelligently, rather than barreling down them.

“Down–The second most important command ever.

“Sit”–The SINGLE most important command. Many people underestimate the power of a good, solid “sit”, and it can mean the difference between a trip to the vet and arriving safely home.

Tell me, does you dog do any cool, out of the ordinary tricks? Take a video and post it on my facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/LongDogConnection/250657168381150


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