Did You Know?….Random Animal Facts

Animals are amazing creatures but do we know everything there is to know about them? I’m gonna venture a guess and go with no…

Did you know:

  • Crocodiles constantly grow new teeth to replace old ones–No implants for this guy! (my patients would like this!) Also, a crocodile can not stick its tongue out 😛 Take that Mr. Sharp Teeth!
  • A Hippopotamus can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 ft tall standing child…stay away from the river kids!
  • Fingerprints to humans are just as unique as a dog’s nose print.
  • The placement of a donkey’s eyes help it see all four of its feet.Try pinnin’ a tail on that donkey now!
  • Goldfish need sunlight to keep their vibrant pigment. Dim lighting will cause the goldfish to lose its colour.
  • To protect themselves from sandstorms, Camels have 3 eyelids!
  • Next time you pick up a millipede wash your hands! Millipedes secrete cyanide gas through pores on their bodies!
  • The best and worst day of a Red Pacific Octopus is the day it gives birth. Mother’s seclude themselves during pregnancy and wait many years to have offspring. She starves herself through her only pregnancy and once she gives birth she dies and her young’s first meal if that of their mother’s carcass.
  • The blood vessels of a blue whale are large enough that a human could swim through them without difficulty. Take about a water slide!
  • Giraffes and humans have the same amount of bones in their necks–only 7
  • When a shrimp is first born it is a male. Gradually over time some evolve to become female.
  • Dogs are mentioned a whopping 14 times in the bible…cats–none. Guess we know which species God preferred!
  • On average a sloth travels only 15 feet per day. Next time my boyfriend calls me lazy this will show that I’m not the laziest:P
  • If you are ever cornered by a scorpion drop some liquor on it’s body and it will sting itself to death…they must be Mormon!
  • Dragonfly’s live for 24 hours..their bucket lists must be quite short “Find Female, then Eat”
  • An animal epidemic is called an epizootic
  • The Cracker Jack dog is named Bingo
  • There is not much difference genetically between humans and some animals. Humans have 46 chromosomes,gorillas/chimpanzees have 48, pigs have 38, and lab mice have 40.
  • Every year donkey’s kill more humans than plane crashes. The next time someone tells me a Pit Bull contributes to many deaths I’ll tell them to start muzzling their donkeys!
  • Ribbon worms will eat themselves if they cannot find any food to eat.
  • Starfish have no brains, yet they can turn their stomachs inside out.
  • Mosquito’s have 47 teeth and prefer the colour blue

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