Home Remedies–Are They For Real?

Before I start with my post for today I want to STRICTLY enforce that none of the things listed take precedence  over taking your dog to the vet. Should you choose to try any of these remedies you do so at your own risk as everything has side effects and results can not be guaranteed. Also, all pet owners should have certification in CPR and first aid. These remedies do not replace medication given/suggested by a veterinarian, and they are not for every dog.

So we’ve all been there, it’s Sunday, the vet is closed and the bank account is thin. Do you or do you not make the decision to rush to the emergency vet hospital? I looked through the web a lot when my dachshund was a puppy and I needed to know whether to freak out or not. Many of the things I have seen posted on the web are cautionary and quite frankly a little scary. I’ve tried to read through them all and make a small list of home remedies for ailments. So here we go:

  • Cooked Pumpkin–I have used this MANY times for constipation. Its tasty (please note no spices should be used) and it quickly relieves the dog’s block comfortably.
  • Epson Salts— In bath water make for a soothing remedy for itchy paws. Note: don’t let dog drink the water.
  • Mineral Oil— On a swab for TEMPORARY ear mite relief/
  • Baking Soda— And some water placed on bug bites are said to relieve itching.
  • Pepto Bismal— I have used this for vomiting and diarrhea. My dog is 10-12 lbs and he got 1/4 of the chewable tablet, and it helped A LOT.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar–Dab on hot spots with a sponge
  • White Rice— For upset stomachs. Feed plain for one day then add in plain cooked Chicken or Turkey on the second day. Feed for a few days
  • Chlorella— Tablets used for Arthritis (long term remedy)
  • Molasses— Used for arthritis, tumors, and symptoms of death
  • Vitamin C–Used for arthritis. Suggested dosages are 500mg-1000mg for a small dog, 1000mg-2000mg for a medium dog, and 2000mg-4000mg for a very large dog.
  • Tumeric–I tsp per day on food to help with reduction in tumor size, and arthritis
  • Garlic— This one scares me a little although my dog has had trace amounts of garlic in table handouts BUT people who give small doses of garlic for short periods of time say they greatly prevent the contraction of fleas.
  • Match–A warm/hot match placed in the dogs “bum” to relieve constipation. I have tried this once, it did not work, and I probably wouldn’t do it again just because now I ALWAYS have pumpkin at home canned.

SO, have you tried any home remedies? If yes, which ones? Did they work? Would you try them again? Are there any listed you disagree with? Are there any not listed that you’ve heard of or tried?

Until tomorrow:)


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