Hello Mexico, Bubye Pooch! Are you KIDDING me!?

Hey Readers! So this morning I was perusing Dogster, and I stumbled upon a heading that really tap-danced on my last nerve, “In France, Locals Abandon Their Dogs When They Go On Vacation”. WHAT!? According to this article over 100,000 dogs are abandoned EVERY SUMMER. Outrageous! The French SPCA promotes every year not to do this, but their efforts are usually ineffective. A worker for the SPC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty) told Dogster that they actually make the abandoning guardians put the dogs in the cages so they can see the stress and harm this does to the dog. She says they always leave feeling not so proud of their decisions. For a country who readily allows dogs in cafes and restaurants they sure don’t treat their dogs very well at the home front! I sincerely hope these people aren’t allowed to a)collect their dog after summer and b)adopt another dog.

So what can people do for their pets while they are on vacation? Well, there are a couple obvious ones, but here are some ideas:

  •  Take your dog to a kennel
  • Take your pet to a pet-friendly destination
  • Hire a pet sitter or house sitter
  • Ask a friend or family member to stay in your house
  • Have someone take your pet to their house if they can, like a neighbor
  • Hire someone to take your pet to their house
  • Make some dog-friendly human friends prior to leaving so you have someone you can ask
  • Take your pet to a “Pet Hotel”
  • Some Vet offices offer boarding
  • Contact a local shelter for any ideas
  • Contact a local breed-specific group and see if anyone is willing to watch your dog
  • Become part of a dog community prior to leaving so you can reach out to someone
  • Check out dogvacay.com DogVacay allows you to find a real home to board your dog.

There are A LOT of options that don’t involve giving up your best friend. Please consider your options before you ever surrender your pet. AND tell any French friends to stick it up their pepe le peu! 🙂


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