Adopting A Less-Adoptable Pet

So yesterday we heard of a German Shepherd being rescued from a dumpster in Kitsilano clinging to life. To the people who phoned 9-1-1, god bless you! The dog is currently listed as in critical condition as vets work tirelessly to keep him alive. Should the dog recover, I’d imagine he will have some traumatic, emotional issues and will need some rehab. If his owners are found in any way responsible for this dog’s injuries, he will be put up for adoption. Now that the media has gotten the whole city involved in this story, he will have many adopters knocking on the SPCA’s door to adopt him I’m sure. BUT, there are a few things people should consider before they adopt a special needs pet.

Will you be able to afford the additional costs of a special needs pet? Costs can come from:

  • Special medications
  • Mobility equipment
  • Modifications to your home
  • Special diet
  • Treatments (Chiro, massage, physio, acupuncture, etc.)
  • Oral care (cleanings, extractions, etc)
  • Daycare during working hours
  • Allergies
  • Training

Will you, your family, and your pet’s be able to accomondate a special needs pet?

  • Are you able to give this new pets medication on a set schedule if needed?
  • Does this pet require any particular living arrangements (stair free home, little furniture, carpeted rooms, ramps, etc.)
  • Do you have the time and schedule to be able to take pet to treatments?
  • If the pet’s needs change how willing are you to change with the pet?
  • Will your other pets living in your home be gentle enough and have the right amount of energy for new pet?
  • Do you have small children? Children can be “too much” for a special needs pet who may be old, traumatized, or challenged in some way.
  • If the pet has allergies to something in your home are you willing to change it?

Special needs pets are cute because they need the most help. They sit in shelters longer because they are less adoptable but it’s important to stay realistic to ensure that you will be giving this pet a proper home for the care it needs. If you come to the conclusion that you can’t do all of these things, mention the pet you like to a friend or family member who may be better suited to adopt this animal.

An injured German Shepherd that a couple found in a dumpster in the 1400 block Maple Street is being treated in a critical care hospital in Vancouver. The BC SPCA is investigating.

The Province’s article on the German Shepherd


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