Being A REAL Dog

Happy Post BC Day Everyone! The Weasel and I had an AMAZING trip to “Nana’s” this past weekend, and my Long Dog was able to really let loose and be a REAL dog. I don’t know what made me happier–seeing him swim in the lake, take himself out to potty, or play with another dog. It really made me open my eyes up to see what kind of life he has in the city and what kind of life he could have with his own yard and not constantly having to be leashed.

Nana’s yard is huge and Oliver enjoyed every acre of it! He sat in the sun (enjoying the dry heat for once), barked at the horses, and ate too many table scraps! BUT this trip was probably the first time in his life he’s really been able to enjoy life as a dog and not as a human. I think while we try and figure out where we want to set down roots I need to start incorporating activities that will allow him to “be a dog” while we’re still in the city.

What kind of activities do you and your dog do to allow him to be a dog, even if just for a day?


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