Product Review–Buster Cube

By far this has been the BEST purchase I have ever made for my dog.

Things I like:

  • Very entertaining, both for dog playing with it and fur-parent watching
  • Design is superb, difficult for toy to be destroyed due to roundness at corners
  • Requires a lot of pet concentration and focus
  • Playtime can be up to 30+ minutes depending on filler
  • Many different types of treats can be used (I use cat food for my dog)
  • Can hold lots of treats
  • Can set difficulty between easy and hard
  • Works on any surface
  • Cost–$16.99 may seem high but we’ve had this toy for over a year and there is not a scratch on it.
  • Would also be great for feeding a fast eater

Things I dislike:

  • Noise–very noisy on hard surfaces like hardwood or laminate
  • May be better suited for dogs that don’t like to destroy as I know of a very friendly Pit Bull that destroyed hers…although as I said earlier mine doesn’t have a mark or scratch on it.

I give this toy 5 paw prints out of 5 🙂


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