Oh Calgary, Why Have You Been Led A Stray?

Yesterday, a loyal reader of mine posted on LongDogConnection’s facebook a poll asking whether or not the City of Calgary should ban Pit Bulls. Quickly I voted no, and thought that the story was just something random posted by the Calgary Herold. Well, I was wrong, there was an “incident” that they were reporting on, and they sure knew how to scare the public. Take the following photo for example:

Dog teeth

This was the photo used in the editorial. If you ask me–this dog was mid yawn and not mid attack. I voiced my opinion on how sick it is to use such a photo to scare the public. I mean really, how childish! The poll results near the end of the day were: 30% people voted YES for a ban and 70% voted NO for the ban. Reading the comments at least some people weren’t being scared into having a false opinion towards this dog breed.

User RDLarry wrote, “So when a child acts out of turn (kills an animal, steals things, etc), does that mean that after their first offense they should be put down”?

User ChaffBurner clearly has a few things to learn, “How ignorant can you get. These dogs disfigure and maim, sometimes kill thousands of children and adults every year. Many municipalities now have total bans on them. Get rid of them once and for all. they`re like rats, pure varmin”!

Man would I like to sit him in a room and blast him with factorial knowledge like the fact that a human hasn’t been killed by a Pit Bull in Canada in MANY years, I think it’s around 9-10 years actually. UNFORTUNATELY, I am unable to post a reply to this *ahem* idiot, because the Calgary Herold has stopped allowing postings on this article (surprise!).

Basically the just of this story is a woman is under investigation for using her 2 Pit Bulls to attack her friend whom was staying with her in a “near fatal mauling”. Of course one of the dogs was shot by police officers on scene for being “aggressive” and the other taken and held in custody. I have the following to say on this:

  1. Where is the proof that these were “American Pit Bull Terriers”? Because we all know that “Pit Bull” IS NOT a breed of dog, I’d like to see the CKC or AKC papers for these dogs, otherwise how do we know they are not another similar looking terrier breed?
  2. If strange men (police officers) barged into my house/dwelling my 10 lb weiner dog would also act aggressively towards them, because he would be PROTECTING his home. Golly, we love having dogs for protection, security, and even crime fighting, but as soon as they show those emotions to a cop, oh “too aggressive, let’s shoot it”.
  3. I’m bothered, really bothered by the media and their constant “calling” to get cities to ban Pit Bulls and scare the living daylights out of residents. Enough is enough!  The writer responsible for this article is Dan Dormer and I suggest everyone reading this contact him here: dave.dormer@sunmedia.ca and let him know that this IS NOT okay. Subsequent articles since can be found here.

Calgary has the lowest bite stat in all of Canada and this is without Breed Specific Legislation, clearly this should mean something, but I guess the Calgary Herold writers don’t bother looking at that side of the coin.


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