BC’s Witch Hunt

What is the difference between a Witch Hunt and a Breed Ban–Well…Nothing.

In 1692, nearly 20 men and women were hanged on suspicion of witchcraft in Gallows Hill, Salem. 320 years later, we know there are no such things are witches (except those who knock on our doors once annually for free candy), and yet we’re still prosecuting the innocent because we’re afraid.

The past two weeks in Vancouver have felt like a media persecution, and Pit Bull owners all across BC feel like they’re under a magnifying glass with someone refracting sunlight on them, and it is starting to burn. It’s time to get the facts straight.

In 2008, the Canadian Veterinary Journal did a study that concluded that only 1-2 deaths per year (between 1990 and 2007) were attributed to dog attacks on humans. In the 28 deaths between 1990 and 2007, 85% were children under the age of 12, 14% were adults over 21. In 22 of the 28 deaths, the victims were alone with the dog during the time of the attack, which means children are being left unattended by their parents with these animals. Of the 28 fatalities the following dogs were implicated:

  • American Staffordshire Terrier or “Pit Bull” type resulted in 1(ONE) fatality
  • Husky/Lab/Siberian resulted in 3 fatalities
  • Mixed breed was responsible for 7 fatalities
  • Rottweilers were responsible for 3 fatalities
  • Shepherds were responsible for 1 fatality
  • “Other” breeds were responsible for 6 fatalities
  • Sled dogs were responsible for 4 fatalities

For the complete breakdown please visit this government website.

So Pit Bulls aren’t the ones doing the biting, and yet they seem to make up the majority of all the newspaper and recently CBC did their own mini study and found that this statement is true,they are over publishing the Pit Bull Attack stories. This report can be found here.

It’s safe to say that if we’re so afraid of these dogs why are we 75% of the time leaving our children alone with them? Dogs are animals, Pit Bulls are animals. Would you leave your children alone with say a deer, elephant, or even a parrot? No, of course not, and if you answered yes to that question you should really seek some parenting classes. Children have no concept of consequence, and animals can be trained and loved but in the end you just NEVER KNOW. We can give them the keys to success through training and socialization, but ultimately it is our responsibility as the owner of these pets to be accountable when something goes array!

And just one more note: If you see someone walking their Pit Bull at the park, you have absolutely NO RIGHT nor NO EXCUSE for you or anyone else to say something nasty, or stereotypical to their owner. If a Pit Bull and their owner is out walking on a leash, this is an example of GOOD behavior. If your neighbour’s Pit Bull is left chained in the yard, barking, and never seeing the outside of that fence, I suggest you call the SPCA because there could be a problem there.

The witch hunt needs to stop, and stop now. Racism comes in many forms and breed bans are one of them, we can’t discriminate for people’s religion or social views so why is it alright to some people to slander their love of a particular breed of dog? It’s not okay.

For anyone wanting to get more information on Pit Bulls and what is really up with the Breed, I invite you to a screening of a documentary called Beyond The Myth, tickets selling for Oct.28th and you may purchase them here.

Please be kind to your neighbourhood friendly Pits in the park.


3 thoughts on “BC’s Witch Hunt

  1. Well done. It reminds me of a Monty Python skit where they trow the “witches” into the river and if they drown they were not witches but if they float they are witches and burned at the stake. Same BS with our Pit Bulls but as long as people believe the media we have an uphill battle.

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