Bio-hazardous Puppies

On my way to work today I grabbed a Metro newspaper and on page 8 I read the heading, “Web driving unethical puppy farms: Experts”. The article opens with:

“A dustbin full of decomposing puppies was discovered at a farm in Wales last week”.

I couldn’t find any more news on this story, but the article does go on further to talk about a puppy mill raid in Arkansas, where the conditions were so bad that investigators actually had to wear bio-hazard suits. I just cannot fathom how these puppy mill owners can allow their souls, minds and consciences to think that this is okay for dogs and puppies to live this way! 200 puppies were seized and will hopefully be vetted and re-homed but it will be costly. Many of these pets will be seeing the vet for the first time in their lives, including some 8 year old dogs that were seized.

This article is completely correct; the internet is allowing these people to sell their dogs to unsuspecting or unaware people so easily.  Websites like are basically aiding and feeding these illegal activities of animal abuse. If people want to buy a puppy, I’d suggest using a site that promotes healthy and safe adoptions like Although sketchy rescues may still be able to post on this website, the website does have many articles on good ownership, how to avoid getting a sick dog, and the importance of rescue. The puppy you pick should be within your location range ie: you’re willing to fly or drive that far to see the puppy because YOU NEED TO VISIT THE PUPPY before you adopt/purchase it. Upon your arrival, ask for a vet report/documents. Compare the microchip or tattoo on the dog to the paperwork from the vet. This ensures that the dog that was seen by the vet was actually your dog and not a stand in. Insist on seeing the area where the dogs spend most of their time and if possible meet the parents. If adopting from a rescue this may not be possible as they probably don’t have the parents. Ask what their policy is if the dog were to ever not work out or became aggressive. If they don’t want the dog back that’s probably a red flag. Ask what their policies are (if purchasing from a breeder) on hips/elbows/eyes–there should be some kind of “warranty”. If buying from a breeder do they have champion dogs? You can verify this information through the AKC or the CKC, or they may have ribbons or trophies to show off. Probably someone willing to pay thousands of dollars to have their dogs compete is likely running a healthier kennel. Not to say all their practices are okay, but the odds that their dogs have been vetted are much higher. Ask for references, get a list of like 5-10 previous adopters/buyers and phone them and see what their experience was like, if their dogs have been relatively healthy. And god forbid, never, EVER, EVER buy a puppy from a puppy store—they don’t care about the puppy—end of story. Puppies/dogs are dollar signs to these people and we need to stop providing them with expensive steak on the dinner table! What these people are doing is wrong, inhumane, unsanitary, and completely unjust.

This is a photo of a dog taken before being rescued from a puppy mill:

And this is the dog how it should have been all along, and after it was rescued:

Dogs have minds, heartbeats and emotions; they deserve every fair treatment that a human would/should receive. They are not assets and nor are they disposable. They are our companions, our shoulder to cry on, and our family. Before you buy a puppy from a website, a breeder, or a puppy store, think about the kind of dogs that will take its place because you’ll be furthering their pain and suffering.

For a list of responsible rescues (as a starting point) please visit Paws For Hope’s website.
To read Metro’s article please visit this webpage.

The following pictures are examples of puppy mill conditions and may be difficult to view:





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