Good Doo, or Bad Doo? Guest Editorial

Good morning readers! One of my volunteer friends has graciously written an insightful editorial on….well, dog poop! Her name is Megan Ferris and she is the owner of Dog Utopia in Surrey, British Columbia. Dog Utopia offers quality daycare, grooming and training. Megan is so much more than a business owner,she truly cares for the well being of the dog’s that frequent her store and truly believes in providing dogs with the best care for their well-being. Megan has two dogs of her own, Marty and Quinn who enjoy spending time at work with mom! Thanks Megan, for the following editorial!


When working with animals the one thing I see a lot of is what comes out of them. I’m not just referring to fur. There is a very dirty side to this job and it involves what comes out of your dog’s back end. This is of course a very normal thing but there are things that are just not normal when it comes to dog dooty. Some things that you might want to watch out for are:

–          Soft stool on a frequent basis

–          Blood in feces

–          Bloated belly and sensitive abdomen

–          Trouble defecating

–          Overpowering odour

–          Regular flatulence

Some causes of these potential issues are:

–          Low quality diet – if you do not understand the items on the ingredient list or it gives you a vague idea of what is in your dog’s food, you might want to reconsider what you feed him/her.

–          Being fed too many scraps of people food.

–          Food sensitivity, intolerance or allergy – grains and fillers can be a major cause of this.

–          Anxiety or stress – dogs do not communicate verbally and cannot let us know what is upsetting them. Often we will see their stress in a physical way.

–          Antibiotics or other medications

Ways of helping your dog:

–          Ask questions from experts. Start by talking to your vet. If you are not satisfied with the answers you get, keep asking as many people as you can until you are satisfied. There are many excellent resources on line as well.

–          Cut back on the goodies and be selective in what you put into your dog even with treats. Many dogs will love fruits and vegetables as treats rather than some of your fries or burger.

–          Reduce the stress in your life as well as your dog’s. Our dogs are sensitive and often feel what we feel. Check in with how you are doing and start there. That could in turn help your dog.

I care about what I put into my body, therefore, I care what I put into my dog’s body. I do not want to be eating a whole bunch of artificial and genetically modified food on a daily basis so why would I feed that to my dog? We all care about our dogs and want to do what is best for them. Just remember, what comes out is a reflection of what goes in.





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