Etiquette Please, Leave Your Insolence At Home!

Before reading any further let me pull a Lemony Snicket on you. The following post will be a ghastly rant, which  may result in bleeding eyes and quivering lips. You may find it so nasty that you puke a little in your mouth, or so true that you’ll want to throw on a cape and dub yourself Captain Manners and start imprisoning bad-mannered offenders. Okay, now that that’s out of the way today’s topic is going to be on one of my LARGEST pet peeves! Bad manners at the park!

Who reading this has:

  • Trudged through broken glass at the park
  • Stepped in dog poopie
  • Been attacked by the dreaded child with flailing arms
  • Been given laser-sharp stink eye
  • Had to pry old, stinky leftovers from your dog’s mouth

If you have said yes to two or more things on that list then you are a VICTIM of a heinous crime! If you haven’t experienced any of these things, you are either a home-body or have found Heaven’s version of a park…. Or I guess just plain lucky!

Why is it that people insist on breaking glass? Like, “we’ve never seen what broken glass looks like so let’s smash 20 beer bottles and make a mess! Oh crap, it’s a big mess; let’s just leave it for someone else to clean up, that’s what our tax money is for right?” *Buzzer sound* WRONG.  This is what a shard of broken glass can do to a dog paw:


The people who are doing these careless acts in the park don’t realize what a cut like this can cost you if you don’t have the supplies at home, or if your dog requires sutures. A cut like this could run you $250 by the time you pay for the vet bill; bandages; and dog cone. Let alone your time and your dog’s suffering! But they don’t think about these things. It’s all fun and games to them.

Next on the docket: picking up your dog’s poopie! Did you know that the smallest piece of doggy doodoo can contain over 20 million coliform bacteria which can cause serious illness and disease in humans let alone the environmental impact? Dog feces can carry diseases like: heartworm; whipworm; hookworms; roundworm; tapeworm; parvo and many others. Some of which humans are able to contract, not to say people are readily eating dog poop, but there are ways in which humans can get sick from this. Let’s face it, dog’s eat, sniff, and step on poop. Remember that lovely wet kiss you were given as a thank-you for taking Fido to the park? Well, you may just end up with a nasty infection, and how are you supposed to say, “My dog gave me ringworm,” when your boss asks what those sores are on your arm? Other ways humans could potentially catch something nasty like ringworm is through the recreational use of your own back yard. Do you like kicking the soccer ball around on the lawn, feeling the cool grass on your bare feet, or enjoy gardening? Some bacteria like again, ringworm, can live for many years. Your dog poops on your lawn, the worms set in and when you go and harvest those strawberries you’ve been waiting to eat all season they could be infected too! Dog poop has been classified in the same harmful waste category as insecticide, and let’s face it, we don’t readily want any of that stuff around us. It’s harmful! There’s a reason why the body doesn’t want it and poops it out! So please start picking up your dog’s sh*t!

Now, it’s time for my favourite topic—children. Personally, I love children. I love seeing their faces when they are excited or interested, I love their imaginations and outlook on life; however, knowing that 85% of all dog bites occur on children I’d say strange child + dog= bad news. And the thing is, it’s not the dog’s fault—it’s the parents! Sure that little dog walking through the park looks puppy-like and sweet, but when your child comes running at it arms raised and screaming you are just asking for a reaction to a stressful situation. Granted the dog owner should be able to intercept and change the outcome but accidents happen. Give dogs a respectful amount of space and if you or your child are interested in petting the dog or saying hello, calmly approach the owner and ask for permission. If your child isn’t capable of calmly approaching then they just not ready to meet a dog. A child running up to a dog from a dog’s point of view looks like this:


Scary right?

I’ve had my fair share of instances at the park where a dog-hater is appalled that we’d be walking in the same area, I even had someone try and kick my dog. If dog’s aren’t your thing, stay out of the park because there will be a dog there! If you are afraid of dogs, kindly raise your voice a little and nicely say to the person walking their dog, “I’ve had a bad experience with a dog” and they’ll give you some extra space. The worst is getting the stink eye from someone and a bad reaction/vibe off of them and not knowing what their problem is and actually it makes us dog owners feel we need to kick into defense mode.

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, and they will find that 20 day old piece of moldy chicken that you’ve left behind. Every park has a garbage can, it may be 20 feet away, but please dispose of your chicken bones, sugar wrappers, chewing gum, etc—my dog really doesn’t need it in his mouth. So let’s all band together and keep the smorgasbord out of the park!

Okay, that was a long rant, but I feel so much better! Tell me, what is your pet peeve?


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