Drawing The Line

Have you ever known someone, or had a friend that participated in an act with their pet that really bothered you? Did you say something to them about it or did you decide it was better to keep the peace?

Today one of my ‘friends’ on Facebook admitted to letting his cat drink Crown Royal. At first I said to him “Haha he probably would have lived longer had you not given him that.” To which his response was, “It’s not about quantity of life, you’ll eventually learn”. Are you kidding me? This set me off, I called him an ass and went on my way…AKA I un-friended him.

Pets are not toys for our amusement and I’m so sick and tired of people thinking that they are here for our enjoyment alone. They weren’t made so we could cook them in microwaves and get 3 million hits on Youtube and become millionaires off of their pain and suffering. They weren’t made so we could allow them to injest poison, leave them tied to a tree, or keep our children company. Pets are living, breathing creatures that allow us their companionship and we should respect and comfort them and treat them as we would treat something else precious to us.

I’d love to hear of your stories where you had to make a difficult decision in your friendships when it comes to the well-being of animals.


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