Gorgeous Godiva

Gorgeous Godiva


Just one week ago I saw a photo on Facebook that absolutely grabbed my heart strings and tugged on them HARD. I should tell you now that this post will contain some photos of animal abuse and neglect, but has a happy ending, so I hope you stick around to read it all.


This is Godiva, rescued on September 30th.

Clearly she was severely abused, neglected, starved, and dehydrated. She was found with many wounds, scrapes, and cuts all over her already suffering body.


She is being brought back to life by Dire Straights Companion Animal Rescue(DSCAR) in Winfield, IL. I have no affiliation with this rescue and I don’t know the entire story, but I do know that a dog in this kind of shape only has minutes to survive, or should already have been dead. I really believe that Godiva is a treasure and an absolute miracle. This dog makes me believe that there is someone or something out there shedding divine ‘power’ on those who deserve it.

For 6 days I’ve been glued to their Facebook page reading updates on this sweet, sweet angel.


“Godiva is doing well today. She is very excited to have company and wags her tail as soon as she sees someone. She talks a lot when she’s first left alone again, so we’re sure to know that she prefers our company to being alone. She is very bright-eyed and responsive and interacts as much as she physically can. She is still very weak, but can hold her head up for a short time after I lift it for her. She was able to hold her head up and eat from a bowl that I placed on her outstretched legs. She is eating well and urinating. Her temperature is close to normal and she is still on IV fluids. We are waiting for blood work results that will hopefully be in later today” ~DSCAR’s Facebook page



“Godiva looks great today! She continues to eat well and is getting more wiggly, though she can’t get up. She is urinating and defecating, always a good thing! She still can’t lift her head or hold herself up when put in a standing position. She is in good spirits though, and loves having people around her.We got most of her blood work results back late yesterday and were very happy that they looked pretty good, all things considered. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case when her CBC results came in this morning. We knew she was anemic, but her red blood cell count is so low that Dr. Jason said “the number really isn’t compatible with life”. Wow.Godiva is very much alive though, and seems intent on staying that way! We checked another CBC this morning and it had gone up a little bit. Not much, but it was up, not down! We will continue to monitor her and if her red cell count does not continue to rise, we will have to do a blood transfusion.
We’re taking it one day at a time. Godiva is happy and we’re doing everything we can for her”. ~DSCAR Facebook Page



“Godiva had a good day, today. She chewed through her IV line last night, little bugger! She is still eating very well, but her PCV was still at the same low point this morning. We started her on an iron supplement and will check her PCV daily. She gets a little stronger every day. She can now lift her head and hold it up for a short time. She is a happy little girl with a sparkle in her eyes”. ~DSCAR



“She looks great and is in good spirits. Good news – Her red cell count is up a little today!! It will take some time, but we’re heading in the right direction!
Her wounds are healing well and she still loves to eat. She doesn’t want to drink, though. We have to keep working on that. I weighed her today and she has gained about two pounds so far. AND she stood by herself on the scale and even stepped off and took a few more steps! She is definitely getting stronger”. ~DSCAR



“Godiva stood and walked on her own for the first time today”. ~DSCAR

(Video available on their Facebook Page)


“Godiva looks great today and her PCV is up from 10 to 14! Still a long way to go, but it’s heading in the right direction! When I got her out of her cage she was able to stand and she started to walk. I stayed close beside her as she walked down the hallway and into the office to join everyone there! Everybody was excited to see her and she happily wagged her tail!
Godiva isn’t eating as well as she has been. Obviously, this is a concern. I think the iron supplement may be upsetting her stomach and I’m going to skip it for the next couple of days. We’ll see what happens and go from there. She did drink a good amount of water tonight, though. That was good to see”. ~DSCAR


Seeing the changes in Godiva over the past 6 days, and seeing the great work DSCAR is doing absolutely fills my heart with an amount of joy that I haven’t felt in a long time. It’s so easy for me to sit around and hate the people that do this to these poor animals, but knowing that there are still people around saving them is what I’m hoping to focus on now. She’s been given a second chance at life and it’s a miracle that they found her when they did.

Obviously, her veterinary bills are going to be far into the thousands, and DSCAR has many other animals that they are helping so they need help now. She’s doing so much better everyday as you can see by her photo progression, and I’ll be posting updates weekly. Get better sweet girl, you are in my thoughts all day long <3.

Please visit their website and learn how you can help out Godiva. For daily updates visit their facebook page here.



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