Paws-O-Ween Fundraiser

What do you get when you have a bunch of dogs, a great cause, and a torrential downpour? One heck of a good time. Yesterday, I finally had the opportunity to host my very own fundraiser to support HugABull I have been a part of fundraisers in the past but never organizing one by myself. I woke up completely ecstatic, but was soon quickly depressed once taking a look outside. The weather was beyond miserable. After having the hottest September on record, and a very nice start to October, I guess Mother Nature just couldn’t give me a break. We trudged on, literally, and made some money for a great cause. I am very thankful to those who could not make it due to the rain who did end up still supporting the event through online donations made to HugABull’s Paypal. I’m estimating nearly $250 was raised despite the horrible weather. I also have to give a MAJOR, MAJOR ‘props’ to Michal from Luv U Pets who (without rain boots) followed us on our rainy trek and took amazing photo’s of our costumed furkids.

Here are some samples of the photo’s taken:


Participants and their pooches

Poor Oliver nearly drowning in the puddles..or so he thought

Jess went all out

Dexter (available for adoption through LAPS)

Gorgeous Granger

The Whole Crew


Thank you to everyone who showed up and braved the rain. Thank you to Janessa Munz for helping me with donations and planning. And thank you to HugABull for saving beautiful bullies everyday.




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