Adoptable Pet Of The Day

Today’s APOTD is a little different. I have a new life’s mission and that is to find Dexter a home. I met Dexter this past weekend at my Paws-O-Ween fundraiser, and he was an absolute DELIGHT to spend time with.

Dexter has been at the Langley Animal Protection Society for over a year now! He is a Chesapeake/Pit Bull cross. He may look too ‘lab-like’ for the Pit Bull people and too ‘Pit Bull’ for the lab people, but his temperament would make for a great companion and working buddy. I say working buddy because Dexter LOVES to have a job. He would be excellent for someone who enjoys agility, flyball, hunting trials, or hiking. Dexter does have prey drive, therefore a home sans any felines is a must. Dexter is a sweet-heart with a ton of energy and may be too much dog for a family so best to be in a home without children. Don’t let this sway you, he is kind, and EXTREMELY intelligent. Dexter would make the ultimate camping partner, and at the age of 2 he will be able to keep you on your toes for many years to come.

Let’s all try to find Dexter a home because he totally deserves it! His Petfinder profile can be found here.


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