What Lurks In The Dark


So some not-so-nice person decided to go viral with the following message on Facebook a few weeks ago. I decided to ignore it, but today I think since Halloween is getting so close we can’t take any chances.

First of all, any dog/cat, no matter what breed is at risk on this day. Older teens get drunk and think Halloween is a perfect opportunity to hide behind a mask and cause trouble. Thousands of pets flood emergency vet clinics every night on Halloween, stray pets or pets lost and away from their loved ones. It’s very important on Halloween to make sure your pet has all it’s identification on, and you may want to consider microchipping in the days following if your pet doesn’t already have one. Bonfires, fireworks, and trick or treaters can cause much stress and anxiety in animals and may cause them to seek a calmer environment, which makes them more willing to jump a fence, break a leash, or run out the doggy door.

Things you can do to keep your pet happy and safe at home:

  • Give them a job (a nice raw, meaty bone, or a new trick to learn)
  • Invest in a Thunder Shirt
  • Lock all the doors
  • Give your dog/cat a massage
  • Consider dispensing “Bach’s Remedy” in their water dish
  • Don’t let them go out to pee alone
  • Keep them near you, even if you’re just watching t.v., they’ll find solace in your touch, even if minor
  • Put on some light, classical music. Studies show dogs seem more relaxed with some good ol’ Bach, Chopin, or Mozart playing in the background. Some animal shelters even play it in cat and dog rooms.
  • When it’s time for bed (if they’re not already cover hogs) let them sleep with you, or bring their beds into your room for the night. Chances are they’ll hear things through the night and bark or get scared.
  • Consider leaving a box in your yard for any homeless pets seeking shelter

Please reports any suspicious activities to the police and if any animals are involved also phone the local SPCA.



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