Pet Product Review–The Tux

Originally, when I purchased this toy I wasn’t too sure how practical/useful it would be, but now it’s a top favourite. It can bounce, roll, be stuffed, or be frozen (filled with goodies).

My dog knows that when he sees this toy it means there must be peanut butter inside. It’s SUPER easy to clean, and unlike a Kong, he can lick the entire inside without leaving behind any residue. The only downside to this toy is its weight, my dog is around 13 lbs and its nearly too heavy to pack around–BUT that means he can’t track peanut butter all over the house either! I should also mention that the toy is said to be totally eco-friendly, and I would say its as close as you’re going to get to indestructible.

I give this toy 4.5 paw prints out of 5

The Tux can be purchased here


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