You Put WHAT In My Dog’s Food?

Hills, commonly known for their dog food Science Diet, has recently come out to say that they will be adding propylene glycol to their food to act as a preservative. This ingredient is known to be a plastic and is found in ANTI-FREEZE. What you’ll find hilarious is the FDA has banned this ingredient in felines (cats) as it has found to be quite toxic….So….Why are they putting it in dog food? Another funny thing about this ingredient is it contains CHLOROFORM. Some of you may know that I work in a dental office to pay the bills, and we use chloroform too, but do you know what for? To dissolve otherwise undessolvable materials, aka ERODE hard materials. Imagine what this does to an intestine, or stomach? Some of your mothers reading this post may also be interested to know you can find propylene glycol in baby wipes. So basically you are rubbing a harsh chemical on your sweet baby’s bottom.

Dogs, cats, or any other pet, cannot tell you what they need in their food, what tastes good, what makes their tummies sore, or what foods give them the trots. READ ingredients lists. The following website has a pretty good breakdown of pet food ingredients– The Dog Food Project.

If you love your pet–don’t feed them crap. It’s pretty simple.


4 thoughts on “You Put WHAT In My Dog’s Food?

  1. Yikes. I have not heard very good things about Science Diet. I know a lady whose dog was prescribed some of their specialty food for her dog. It had no meat in it at all! The main ingredient was soy (which his highly genetically modified by the way) and chemicals (or at least unpronounceable portions of presumably real food things that exist).

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