Pet Product Review– Martha Stewart Car Seat

Okay, so normally the only things I buy from the Martha line are poopy bags, BUT in this case her dog seat has come above par, and I had to have it. But, just in case you’re wondering, her poop bags are actually some of the best!

Sorry I don’t have a better pic of the product but somehow it’s not listed online.


  • Car seat collapses into easily carried flat object
  • Easily opens within seconds for use
  • Had front pouch for necessities like: food, leashes, bags, etc.
  • Has ADJUSTABLE inner clip to attach to leash/harness so dog cannot escape seat while driving.
  • Has SOFT, velvety, cushion for pet’s bum and feet. Very comfortable to sleep on.
  • Has padded side walls
  • Fantastic looking, better than those out-dated “wool” ones
  • Very deep for long pets (like doxies teehee), and protects them from air bag deployment.
  • Everything inside is easily washable. The bottom pad can come out to be washed and the sides are padded vinyl which can easily be wiped.
  • Attaches to any seat belt.
  • Cheaper to buy than leading competitors. Cost was $50, while other brands were $60-$100
  • Easy to transfer to different seats within seconds.


  • Doesn’t fasten extremely tight to seat, dogs weight helps to keep it stable, may move around with lighter pets.
  • Only one colour choice (Martha’s usual pale blue and brown)

I give this product 5 paw prints out of 5. Extremely satisfied.

July 31,2013

How to fasten this car seat:

Place the car seat on the seat. There are loops on the back of it to thread the seatbelt through. I thread it through, and once clicked in, I pull out the excess so the seatbelt “locks” and the seat can’t fly anywhere. Then there is a ‘leash-like’ tie on the inside to hook to your dog’s harness/collar which is adjustable. I give Oliver all the length and he never tries to escape.


4 thoughts on “Pet Product Review– Martha Stewart Car Seat

    • This seat itself only raises about 2 inches. There is another great seat called the Snoozer Lookout that may be a bit higher, but it is much more expensive. I like the Stewart one for my doxie because he likes to stand with his paws out and the walls are very high compared to others I have seen which keeps him IN the seat. When he puts his paws at the top of the wall he can see out the window.

  1. I just purchased this seat. My Morkie weighs 9 pounds. He has plenty of room to spread out. He also can sit up to look out the window. Love the color as it matches my blue vehicle. Quality construction and no styrofoam.

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