The End Of Starvation!

In the nearly 1.5 yrs that we’ve had Oliver, he’s been the fussiest eater imaginable. Most people tell me, “Don’t worry, a dog will NEVER allow itself to starve”. Umm, sure any NORMAL dog won’t. Oliver on the other hand will go a week plus without touching food once he is sick and tired of it. I thought we had FINALLY found a kibble that he liked, but sure enough after a few months he decided he no longer would eat it. I instructed everyone in the house not to give him any hand-outs and I tried to make him hungry enough to eat his kibble. The plan backfired, and it became apparent that Oliver was literally controlling our household. At this point we had tried nearly every decent dog food that Tisol and Bosley’s offered. It was clear it was now time to go RAW.

I spoke with a few dog professionals, people on my rescue forum, and my ‘dog friends’ who fed raw, and they all just said GO HOME AND DO IT. So, last night I did.

I purchased Red Dog Blue Kat in chicken and beef flavor. I calculated 2% of Oliver’s body weight to be .28lbs. The packages come in 1lb sizes(around $5 per pkg) so basically 1/4 of a pkg twice a day is what I figured I’d feed him.

Last night I split the package into 4 pieces and stuck 3 pieces in the freezer. It was still too hard to mash up and I knew Oliver wouldn’t attempt to eat the giant cube, so I defrosted the raw meat in the microwave for 15 secs. It was still raw but the ice had melted. I mashed it up and he went to town eating it.

Fast forward to this morning, his second raw meal–he didn’t want to eat it! I was so worried and stressed that this food habit would be reoccurring forever. I told him, “Oliver, I’m the boss, not you, you don’t control this house with your eating habits!” He blinked at me, probably wondering why his crazy mother was talking to him all funny. I then noticed he went and snuggled under a blanket. I thought to myself he’s either tired, or cold. So I put on a sweater and he still didn’t want his food. I gave up on it for 45 minutes and let him have a nap. When he woke up, I put his food in the microwave for 15 seconds again (as it was still very cold from being frozen). When I placed it down he went to town on it again.

So the moral of my story is, don’t give up. There’s always a reason. Oh and also, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS do scheduled feedings or you may end up with a picky, stuck up, free feeding diva! Now everyone pray that he eats his food tonight!


2 thoughts on “The End Of Starvation!

  1. FYI – If 2% of his body weight is 0.28lbs, and you’re feeding 1/4 package twice a day, then you’re feeding 0.5lb/day which is just over 3.5%

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