Raw Food Update

So it has been 6 meals since I started Oliver on raw food. Some may think I’m crazy but we have already started seeing benefits from the change. My spouse came up and said to me yesterday,”I think Oliver’s coat is silkier already”. Without him knowing, I had also already said this to my mother.
Although I suppose it is possible we’re both wrong.

One other thing we’ve noticed is the size and hardness of his poop has changed. They are smaller and firmer. Not that he had extremely large or runny ones to begin with, but hey, it’s something! Large breed mothers of furkids would appreciate this benefit A LOT.

Probably the single most exciting thing I’ve noticed since we made the switch has been seeing Oliver wag his tail in excitement to eat–This has NEVER happened. He has always hated eating his dog food and only ever did it to appease his grumbling stomach. there is a glint in his eye when I go into the refrigerator which, quite honestly, I enjoy seeing.

I really need to say thank you to my friends who supported me and helped me in making the decision to switch, and who gave me an abundance of “raw wisdom”. I’d also like to thank Red Dog Blue Kat for making such an easy to use, fresh product, that makes feeding picky dogs less of a headache!



4 thoughts on “Raw Food Update

  1. Leni still does her “hunger strikes” whenever she has dry food and doesn’t want it… she’ll eventually eat the next day.. but it’s especially worse when im at my MOL’s house.. she won’t eat unless she KNOWS she wont get food, at like midnight when everyone is sleeping. maybe I should just stop forcing her to make myself feel good, and go all raw to finally make HER feel good…

    • I’m quite honestly kicking myself for not doing this sooner. Simply seeing how HAPPY Oliver is to EAT is the greatest joy. Sounds silly, but after seeing the thing you love most in this world starve for a week, eating is a blessing. I love that I can give him something new ever other day, today and yesterday he had tripe with salmon, tomorrow it’ll be turkey, then in a few days bison. I am so thrilled in the changes I’ve seen, from his behaviour to his coat. His breath doesn’t smell, his teeth are cleaner… Just in awe.

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