Product Review–Dinner Dusters

So I purchased this product directly from Dig It! Delights. I should mention that I do know the person that owns this company, however this would not affect my review of this product. It does so happen that I absolutely LOVE this product.

After switching to raw, the first meal Oliver wasn’t too interested. I anticipated this and had these beef liver dusters ready for the next meal. I sprinkled them on and he dove right into the bowl face first. I literally only need a pinch, and he’s happy. And at $4.00 for 70g bag, who wouldn’t love them?


  • easy to use
  • very little smell
  • don’t stick to your fingers
  • easy to store
  • price
  • many different food type applications (treats, meals, training)


  • They’re so delicious you need to keep them very high out of reach. Your dog WILL go looking for the bag…and succeed if kept too low to the ground.

This photo may be blurry but this is Oliver RUNNING away with a bag of Dig It! Delights. We call this the “Snatch and Grab”


I give this product 5 paw prints out of 5, very satisfied.

Visit Dig It! Delights website for ordering information.



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