Well, the eagle(s) have landed! Oliver and I are relaxing after the 9 hour move across the province.

We arrived on Sunday to discover our new home came complete with a new 6 week old kitten. My mother has named him Moby and during the day, Oliver and I are busy playing babysitter.

It amazes me looking into little Moby’s eyes how complex yet fragile life can be. Every day so far, Moby has discovered or learned something new. I think about all the abandoned kittens I’ve heard of and seen and after seeing how quickly Moby recognizes me and becomes attached and dependent upon me, I can’t help but wonder how people are okay with abandoning their pets ( like the kittens found in a freezer this past summer).

I wasn’t planning on being so attached to Moby, but after his first baby meow, or as I like to say “meek”, there’s no way I can’t be. He started looking for me today, and chose to come sleep on my chest today which just shows the kind of emotions and attachments pets form to their humans. The notion that they have little to no feelings after being left alone on the street or dumped at a shelter is simply false.

Pets form memories and bonds quickly, and little Moby has reminded me of this.



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