‘Tis The Season!

Ho, Ho, Ho the holiday season is upon us with only 19 days until Christmas. Gorgeous trees are being decorated, lights are being hung, and our pets are getting into mischief! Why just today I had to pull Moby out of the tree 3 times. Our tree skirt was being undone and the strings being played with slash eaten, so I took that away. Now I figure I’ll share some holiday safety tips with you all!

— Use Command hooks to safely chain the tree to the wall
–Avoid decorating the tree too low so your pets can’t smorgasbord on the low ornaments
–Consider using garland instead of tinsel. Tinsel is known to cause some gastro issues when ingested.
–Unplug your tree when sleeping or out of your home. Wee kitties/puppies may chew the bright lights and either zap themselves or cause a house fire.
–Use faux poinsettias or place your real ones high out of reach. These plants are known to be poisonous to pets.
–Wash pets feet after a walk, chemicals in road salt are poisonous and harmful to their paw pads.
–Walking in snowy/icey conditons for long periods of time can cause pads to crack and bleed.
–Dispose of turkey carcasses ASAP, dogs will do ANYTHING to get at it.
–Wait to put out presents until Christmas Eve. Shiny bows, ribbons, and paper somehow seem edible, especially to cats.



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