An Update From The Boonies!

Hello treasured readers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a not too crazy Boxing Day! It’s been awhile since my last post, however, the internet here is not so great! For those who don’t know, my Long Dog, Oliver, and I moved to the boonies! The change has been overwhelming,  but seeing Oliver come to life has made it worth while. He’s now bonding with his four-legged house mates, and even has a new kitty friend. He’s eating his food like a big boy and loves running up and down the icey drive way. I’m sure some of you are thinking that I must be crazy for moving in part to make my dog happier but he so deserves it for all that he’s done for me. He’s now never home alone and is getting way more social interaction. We’re planning on having a foster dog in the spring/summer so I’m super excited to help out the local shelter here.

Of course Oliver was totally spoiled for Christmas. Bully sticks and a new toy awaited him under the tree, and today I made a huge batch of fresh raw salmon, and turkey, both with yams, carrots and berries for his meals. He sampled the salmon so far and gave me the lip-licking approval. It’s freezing cold outside and snowing so we’re huddled under a blanket enjoying the scenery and the fireplace. Wishing you all the best in 2013!






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