A Community Torn

Hi Y’al! Miss me? Sorry for the lack of posts, but the internet here in the boonies…well it sucks! Anyways, today I was invited to be apart of the community’s Facebook forum where people can discuss issues, missing items, strange happenings, anything really. Today there was a post about two, unaltered Pit Bulls running amuck all over town as they have many other times. Apparently, these dogs have had one too many near misses with a car and the community would like the owners to be held responsible, and some other members would like the city to abolish any Pit Bulls in the immediate area. Silliness I say.

Small communities need to remember that we live in DEMOCRATIC country. We vote for our Prime Minister, Mayor, and Councillors. This is a tool more people need to use to their advantage. Upon me suggesting to the townsfolk (wielding their verbal pitchforks) that they approach City Hall about their current Animal Control Bylaws, they said, “City Hall? What do we do there?” The SPCA and RCMP have both been contacted numerous times on these dogs and their owners and both have said it’s not their problem.  I’m afraid that someone will take matters into their own hands and kill, poison, or steal these dogs. All of which are highly illegal.

Have you ever approached local governments to make a change? I have, and it’s not easy to get what you want. People needs to get off their butts, close their online complaint platforms and use their voices to demand change. It’s the only way.


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