And This Is My Dog….

Oh my goodness, it feels like every post I’m apologizing for my absence! Life has been pretty crazy lately. New job, getting my stuff together to go back to school in the fall, trying to find new hobbies in my sleepy town…DATING again! I have always seen Dr. Phil tell those single mothers “Don’t bring a guy home to meet your kids, blah blah blah”. WELL, I’m pretty sure the same can be said for dogs meeting new men/women that you are dating!

Recently, I started seeing a new guy who passed all my criteria for “the perfect man”, so naturally the next step was to introduce him to my wiener child, Oliver. I think at first, New Guy, tried to be really tolerant of said ankle biter, however the patience wore off fast. Although I forewarned that Oliver has issues with new men, I think his random barks and whines really…..pissed off “New Guy”. There was the time in the car when Oliver whined in his car seat and new guy turned around and said “Shut Up!” Slightly shocked, you will all be surprised that I made no comment. Then there was the time when we were watching a movie and Oliver was sniffing new guy, trying to get on his lap and snuggle and New Guy said “you idiot, you’re so annoying!” UMMM that was it. “Don’t talk to my dog like that,” I said as I laid a light smack across New Guy’s shoulder. Needless to say, we are no longer dating, and I think I’ll chop it up to me being a “Crazy Dog Lady”. But he did have two yappy dogs of his own I’ll have you know.

So, when do you make intros? If it’s too soon, but you’re at the ‘watch movies at my place stage’ what do you do with your dog? How do you begin to find someone who is okay with “adopting” your dog as well…. I think I had better just plan my dream home sans husband!

I heard there are specific dating websites for specific religions, Apple fanatics, car lovers, and now I’m thinkin’ I could get rich off of a “Must Love Dogs” online dating site with strict profiling. Such as:

Question 1: If your dog peed on the floor would you a) yell at it b) put it outside and clean up c) rub its nose in it d) call mommy.

Question 2:If your dog was humping a stuffed animal would you a) scream b)it wouldn’t because you fixed your pet a long time ago c) cheer it on or d) call mommy

Okay I think y’all get the picture, pretty good huh?

‘Til next time:)


Regret Can Be An Awful Lesson

Remember that moment you knew you were getting a new puppy, kitten, or other pet? Giddiness, joy, excitement fill your senses and everything is absolutely blissful in your mind as you picture happily ever after with your pet. But what happens when shit hits the fan? I remind y’all all the time what a HUGE commitment a pet can be, but this week, my neighbours learned a hefty lesson.

This August, my mother sat on her deck early in the morning sipping on her coffee enjoying the sun as it peaked over the Purcell mountains. Nearly choking on her mouthful, she noticed something white in the neighbour’s horse pen—something white, a new goat perhaps? No, apparently one of the horses had been with foal prior to them purchasing the horse. A little Paint girl was born and my mother sat bewildered, as did the neighbours as they stared out their house windows at the new bouncing baby girl awaiting in the pen. I will mention that these horses are the first horses these people ever owned. Fast forward 6 months. Once again we’re looking out our window at their horse pen (there’s not much going on here, neighbour watch is a regular thing) and we see mama horse waking with her head hung low and then laying down for 30-60 minutes all afternoon. Having 2 horses, and many others previously, my mother walked over to the neighbour’s fence and told them that something was wrong with their horse and the vet needed to be called. He said she had been doing this all day and he’d instead call his wife (who was away) to see what he should do. Within 30 minutes the local vet was on site and extracting an anal blockage. The horse was locked into the barn for rest, away from her foal which still was nursing, and we hoped she’d pull through. The next day we see a large back hoe (digging machine) on their property as we stare out our window. Mama had died during the night and they need to bury her body. Her foal is very upset and still missing her, but luckily has another older horse to console her.

So, this experience, although not quite my own, has taught me about the necessity of doing your RESEARCH before owning a type of pet that is new to you. It’s possible that many accidents, illness’, and other issues can be prevented, cured, or helped before they become lethal. It is important to know your pet, and get to know them fast, and about their breeds, characteristics, etc so that you can know when to “panic”.

Rest In Peace sweet Mama ❤