What Would It Take?

Can you guess what I’m about to say? SORRY for my absence, I’ve just been too busy being on “Kootenay Time”. But, there was a pretty interesting issue that came about this weekend.

An acquaintance of mine has been having some hard times, he’s had to live in his truck for about a week now with his chocolate labrador. He’s kept the heater running, they both have food, water and blankets. He has the option to live inside a home with his friend, but there are no pets allowed and so he’s opted to stay in his truck with his beloved canine companion. EVERY DAY he and his dog go for a long hike (or two), and this dog is heavily doted on…True love if you will.

Two days ago, my ‘acquaintance’ went inside his friends home to have some food and a shower. When he came out a few hours later,the dog had been taken from his vehical. After looking around, absolutely sick to his stomach, the dog was found at the SPCA. The dog had not been running loose, but was taken out of the vehical by the SPCA. In the summer we’re told that “only animals in DISTRESS” will be removed from hot cars. This leads me to believe that the SPCA has no right to simply remove the dog without attempting to make contact with the owner. No posting was left on the door and no one came to the house to knock and see if the dog was owned by anyone inside…

My acquaintance, being a responsible owner in my eyes, has opted to contact the dog’s breeder and give up ownership as he wants the dog to have the best life possible. The dog breeder has happily agreed to get the dog from the SPCA. If it were me, I don’t know if there would be any means to which I would give up my dog, it’s easy to say that but when I think about illness, poverty, or other horrible circumstances it may be a feesable option. Although, another option is to see if a family member could take your pet until either a) you were able to again or b) until a good home came along.

What would it take for you to give up rights to your pet?


3 thoughts on “What Would It Take?

  1. i could never, ever give up Leni. Nothing could make me change my mind! If it came to this circumstance, I am fortunate in that I have family and friends who would take her for me until I was able to get my feet on the ground again… I could never imagine the pain this poor man is going through 😦

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