How Dumb Do You Have To Be?

Can y’all believe summer is half over!? I can’t! Oliver and I are spending so much time at the beach, and swimming in the lake, it has probably been the best summer of our lives! That is, until mommy has to go to work and all $h^&! hits the fan.

Many of you know that I work in a dental office, but I also work at a hot springs resort. It never fails, people always drive here and park there car for hours and leave their dog sitting in the car in the direct heat. I get I don’t know HOW MANY complaints I’m faced with daily during the summer, and I need to make the tough decision to either a)track the person down and give them heck b)risk losing my job by smashing their window or c) hope someone else does it. It’s a terrible feeling because I really just want to put my Super Woman suit on and go kick some ass.

I feel like the best way to prevent this issue is to have business’ post signs that they are not okay with this and that they will take action. A simple sign in a parking lot would do wonders; or a post on their webpage warning visitors of their policy.

Why are business’ so afraid to do the right thing!? Because it could potentially cause them to lose customers. But how many would they lose if the public knew they turned a blind eye to this for years? I for sure would not spend my hard earned money at a business that turns away from the confrontation of doing the right thing whether that be removing the dog, asking the patron to leave, etc.

So I challenge all you business owners reading this to please, please, please take a moment to let your customers know that you’re not okay with them leaving their pets in their vehicles and when in the situation realize that it is your legal right, and your moral obligation to get that pet out.


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