The Good & The Ugly: Dog Fighting Ring Bust

Just a few days ago I saw a very disturbing post going around Facebook. The ASPCA rescued 367 dogs in a multi-state dog fighting bust. This seizure took over 3 years worth of investigation work, and along with dogs they seized guns, drugs and a whole lot of cash (Over half a million dollars). Dogs ranged from ages newborn to 10 years old.

I am so thankful to the ASPCA for their hard word in dedication, but I can’t help but think of the countless lives, hundreds probably, of other dogs that waited and suffered while this investigation was on going. It’s easy for me to think: Why did it take so long!? But I guess the best way to stop something like this is to “fry the big fish”, which you can’t do by making some small, minor bust.

Out of this bust will come a fabulous group of volunteers and dog rescues that will show compassion big enough to part the seas. Hopefully 100% of these dogs will be able to be rehabilitated, but I’m sure in some cases the humane thing will be to euthanize some for their injuries. Many of you will recall the Michael Vick case in which almost all of the dogs were able to go on and live happy lives in their new homes, many receiving their therapy dog certification.

Whether you are religious or not, I ask every one of my readers to pray for these poor animals, and may the ones who didn’t make it, may they rest in peace.

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