An Instant Fan

I’ve been seeing Sarah Silverman’s obituary to her dog floating around Facebook for a few days and I had chosen not to read it because I never really considered myself a fan, but something tonight made me click on the link and after reading I can say I am an instant fan.

How does one capture and express how they feel about their beloved pet? How does one do that while grieving its loss? I had seen a post today prior to reading Sarah’s obituary, about a Doxie who was celebrating their 19th birthday today. I thought to myself, “I’d do anything to have Oliver celebrate his 19th birthday.” Then after clicking to read Sarah’s post it all came full circle. Sarah’s dog was around 19 years of age, and she writes of the gut-wrenching experience of having to say goodbye.

Warning: You will bawl your eyes out and I have been the last 5 minutes after reading it; however, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

Link to the Obituary here.


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