An Interesting Debate

I hope you are all enjoying the changing fall colours, the crackle from the fireplace, and the harvest from your gardens! Oliver and I have been busy canning tomatoes and making apple pies.

I really want to take a quick, human-minute to discuss with my readers about the importance of education. There is A LOT going around on Facebook, Craigslist, etc about puppy millers, animal cruelty, and dog breeders, and yes some similar information you have found on LongDogConnection. I want to be perfectly clear that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between a dog breeder, a back yard breeder, and a puppy mill. There are good, honest, reputable breeders who deeply care about the homes that their puppies go to and do not make a cent off of the sale of their dogs.

A reputable dog breeder pays for: c-sections(possibly), vaccines, expensive food (a LOTS of it), formula (if necessary), time off of work, a proper whelping room, heating pads, vitamins, goats milk (if necessary), lost sleep (a lot of this), gas to and from the vet clinic every other week, other vet costs, pee pads, bedding every other day (pine, newspaper, pellets, etc), sheets, towels, cloths, bottles (if necessary, but good breeders are always prepared), surgical scissors (to cut umbilical & sacs), and so, so many more items. By the time everything is paid for a puppy’s price is by no means any form of profit.

So what can we do? How can we tell the difference? ASK QUESTIONS, educate yourselves, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

So why then are there so many animals in shelters if there are good, reputable breeders? Because there are very unintelligent owners, and yes, some bad breeders, but lets talk more about the owners.

Bad owners give up their pets easily. Bad owners don’t understand what they are getting themselves into when they get a pet. Bad owners don’t SPAY OR NEUTER their pets. Remember 2+2=6….remember pet’s can’t add, they multiply! Educate yourselves, your family, your friends, and your coworkers. Visit a vet’s office and ask questions, offer volunteer services to shelters/rescues, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN!


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