Happy Turkey/Tofurkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all stuffed with pure joy (and food), or preparing to be tomorrow! For those who still have not had their Thanksgiving Day meal, a friendly reminder:

-Do not feed your dog cooked turkey bones–they could shatter in the throat, or block airways

-Watch out when feeding table scraps, dogs+nuts=bad idea

-Holiday meals tend to be full of fats (both good and not so good), it’s ok for us to “treat ourselves”, but our pets really don’t need the extra calories. They are more than happy to have just their regular feedings on holidays…even if their guilt face says otherwise.

-Remember to take lots of photos, not just with the family, but with your pets.

My mother said today, “Oliver has grey hair under his chin, have you noticed?” My face, I’m sure, looked of pure shock. I scooped him up and took a close-up look to see if this terrible accusation was indeed true. It was. So, as I’m reminded daily that he is no longer a puppy, I’ll be having some family members photograph us so that when he’s 16 and full of grey I’ll be able to remember when he first started ‘maturing’. 

May you all have many reasons to be Thankful 🙂


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