Poor Pet Parenting At Its Finest!

Recently, I posted about how our dogs are our own little creations. You spoil them–they act spoiled. You treat them like shit-they act like devils. A dog in our neighbour hood was put down this week because he got out of his yard and attacked another dog, near to the point of death. He’s still at the vet’s receiving emergency care for injuries that may end up being fatal.


The dog that attacked is always left alone with only his doggy sidekick, outside, and has very few social connections to other people, dogs, and even his own family. I viewed this dog as more of a lawn ornament. People in this area seem to think that owning a dog is easy: food, water, done. What people seem to forget is that pet’s attitudes are a direct result of how we treat them.I believe that this dog was bored and out looking for some excitement.

The dog that was attacked has had some behaviour issues in the past, but his owner has worked tirelessly to keep him in check: lots of walks, training, and she tries her best to keep him at home. However, keeping him at home means he is tied up outside. He really didn’t stand a chance once the fight began, couldn’t even run away because he was tied.

Now the owner of the attacked dog told the owners of the other to have him put down. He had been showing signs of aggressiveness recently with more and more people, it was probably a matter of time before he bit someone. Do I think he was given a fair chance at a good life–no! His owners clearly have no sense, as this is not the first, or second time that they have proven to be terrible pet parents by letting an animal die, or be forced to euthanize a pet.

This is exactly how breeds get bad raps. People treat them poorly and they act out. Such a waste of a beautiful life, but in the end, probably the only solution at this point. People, seriously, your dog starts acting out, find yourselves a good, positive reinforcement trainer and be responsible enough to try to correct the problem. If you are unwilling to treat your dog as if they are your child–don’t get one.

Rest in peace Moose.


One thought on “Poor Pet Parenting At Its Finest!

  1. I hate when people have animals they can’t or just don’t take care of. For whatever reason they think its cute to get them when they are little and then a week into owning them they decide to treat them like dirt and then wonder why they act the way that they do.

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