Product Review–Dinner Dusters

So I purchased this product directly from Dig It! Delights. I should mention that I do know the person that owns this company, however this would not affect my review of this product. It does so happen that I absolutely LOVE this product.

After switching to raw, the first meal Oliver wasn’t too interested. I anticipated this and had these beef liver dusters ready for the next meal. I sprinkled them on and he dove right into the bowl face first. I literally only need a pinch, and he’s happy. And at $4.00 for 70g bag, who wouldn’t love them?


  • easy to use
  • very little smell
  • don’t stick to your fingers
  • easy to store
  • price
  • many different food type applications (treats, meals, training)


  • They’re so delicious you need to keep them very high out of reach. Your dog WILL go looking for the bag…and succeed if kept too low to the ground.

This photo may be blurry but this is Oliver RUNNING away with a bag of Dig It! Delights. We call this the “Snatch and Grab”


I give this product 5 paw prints out of 5, very satisfied.

Visit Dig It! Delights website for ordering information.



Pet Product Review– Martha Stewart Car Seat

Okay, so normally the only things I buy from the Martha line are poopy bags, BUT in this case her dog seat has come above par, and I had to have it. But, just in case you’re wondering, her poop bags are actually some of the best!

Sorry I don’t have a better pic of the product but somehow it’s not listed online.


  • Car seat collapses into easily carried flat object
  • Easily opens within seconds for use
  • Had front pouch for necessities like: food, leashes, bags, etc.
  • Has ADJUSTABLE inner clip to attach to leash/harness so dog cannot escape seat while driving.
  • Has SOFT, velvety, cushion for pet’s bum and feet. Very comfortable to sleep on.
  • Has padded side walls
  • Fantastic looking, better than those out-dated “wool” ones
  • Very deep for long pets (like doxies teehee), and protects them from air bag deployment.
  • Everything inside is easily washable. The bottom pad can come out to be washed and the sides are padded vinyl which can easily be wiped.
  • Attaches to any seat belt.
  • Cheaper to buy than leading competitors. Cost was $50, while other brands were $60-$100
  • Easy to transfer to different seats within seconds.


  • Doesn’t fasten extremely tight to seat, dogs weight helps to keep it stable, may move around with lighter pets.
  • Only one colour choice (Martha’s usual pale blue and brown)

I give this product 5 paw prints out of 5. Extremely satisfied.

July 31,2013

How to fasten this car seat:

Place the car seat on the seat. There are loops on the back of it to thread the seatbelt through. I thread it through, and once clicked in, I pull out the excess so the seatbelt “locks” and the seat can’t fly anywhere. Then there is a ‘leash-like’ tie on the inside to hook to your dog’s harness/collar which is adjustable. I give Oliver all the length and he never tries to escape.

Pet Product Review–The Tux

Originally, when I purchased this toy I wasn’t too sure how practical/useful it would be, but now it’s a top favourite. It can bounce, roll, be stuffed, or be frozen (filled with goodies).

My dog knows that when he sees this toy it means there must be peanut butter inside. It’s SUPER easy to clean, and unlike a Kong, he can lick the entire inside without leaving behind any residue. The only downside to this toy is its weight, my dog is around 13 lbs and its nearly too heavy to pack around–BUT that means he can’t track peanut butter all over the house either! I should also mention that the toy is said to be totally eco-friendly, and I would say its as close as you’re going to get to indestructible.

I give this toy 4.5 paw prints out of 5

The Tux can be purchased here

Product Review–Buster Cube

By far this has been the BEST purchase I have ever made for my dog.

Things I like:

  • Very entertaining, both for dog playing with it and fur-parent watching
  • Design is superb, difficult for toy to be destroyed due to roundness at corners
  • Requires a lot of pet concentration and focus
  • Playtime can be up to 30+ minutes depending on filler
  • Many different types of treats can be used (I use cat food for my dog)
  • Can hold lots of treats
  • Can set difficulty between easy and hard
  • Works on any surface
  • Cost–$16.99 may seem high but we’ve had this toy for over a year and there is not a scratch on it.
  • Would also be great for feeding a fast eater

Things I dislike:

  • Noise–very noisy on hard surfaces like hardwood or laminate
  • May be better suited for dogs that don’t like to destroy as I know of a very friendly Pit Bull that destroyed hers…although as I said earlier mine doesn’t have a mark or scratch on it.

I give this toy 5 paw prints out of 5 🙂

Product Review–Aikou Dog Bowl

I bought the Aikou dog bowl from Tisol on Friday August 10th. The toy is lightweight and so far indestructible for my wee-mans teeth (don’t know how it would fare with a larger breed though..)

Things I like:

  • Price–Only paid 23.99 regular price
  • Weight
  • Compartments–5 different treat-hiding places
  • Two different styles for difficulty (one set of compartments slide up and down, the second rotates in a circle)
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for fast eaters that need to slow down

What I didn’t like:

  • Difficulty level indicated is level 1, HOWEVER the sliders on the toe area are way too easy, and I mean way, way, WAY too easy
  • Not the best puzzle toy for treats, better for fast eaters
  • Doesn’t grip the floor with any rubber pads, easy for dog to toss it around
  • It would be hard for a larger dog to get its mouth to the treats/food as the compartments are pretty tight/small
  • Not as interactive or “exciting” as cheaper alternatives

Would I buy it again–probably not, unless I had a dog that needed to eat slower it would be GREAT for that.

Things I would change:

  • Be able to set the difficulty between easy, medium, and hard
  • Place grips on the bottom so it doesn’t get tossed around
  • Make all the toe areas a different type of challenge
  • Make two sizes, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. It says its great for any size but small dogs have a much easier time with this toy.

I’d rate this toy 2 paw prints out of a possible 5 🙂