The Good & The Ugly: Dog Fighting Ring Bust

Just a few days ago I saw a very disturbing post going around Facebook. The ASPCA rescued 367 dogs in a multi-state dog fighting bust. This seizure took over 3 years worth of investigation work, and along with dogs they seized guns, drugs and a whole lot of cash (Over half a million dollars). Dogs ranged from ages newborn to 10 years old.

I am so thankful to the ASPCA for their hard word in dedication, but I can’t help but think of the countless lives, hundreds probably, of other dogs that waited and suffered while this investigation was on going. It’s easy for me to think: Why did it take so long!? But I guess the best way to stop something like this is to “fry the big fish”, which you can’t do by making some small, minor bust.

Out of this bust will come a fabulous group of volunteers and dog rescues that will show compassion big enough to part the seas. Hopefully 100% of these dogs will be able to be rehabilitated, but I’m sure in some cases the humane thing will be to euthanize some for their injuries. Many of you will recall the Michael Vick case in which almost all of the dogs were able to go on and live happy lives in their new homes, many receiving their therapy dog certification.

Whether you are religious or not, I ask every one of my readers to pray for these poor animals, and may the ones who didn’t make it, may they rest in peace.

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How Dumb Do You Have To Be?

Can y’all believe summer is half over!? I can’t! Oliver and I are spending so much time at the beach, and swimming in the lake, it has probably been the best summer of our lives! That is, until mommy has to go to work and all $h^&! hits the fan.

Many of you know that I work in a dental office, but I also work at a hot springs resort. It never fails, people always drive here and park there car for hours and leave their dog sitting in the car in the direct heat. I get I don’t know HOW MANY complaints I’m faced with daily during the summer, and I need to make the tough decision to either a)track the person down and give them heck b)risk losing my job by smashing their window or c) hope someone else does it. It’s a terrible feeling because I really just want to put my Super Woman suit on and go kick some ass.

I feel like the best way to prevent this issue is to have business’ post signs that they are not okay with this and that they will take action. A simple sign in a parking lot would do wonders; or a post on their webpage warning visitors of their policy.

Why are business’ so afraid to do the right thing!? Because it could potentially cause them to lose customers. But how many would they lose if the public knew they turned a blind eye to this for years? I for sure would not spend my hard earned money at a business that turns away from the confrontation of doing the right thing whether that be removing the dog, asking the patron to leave, etc.

So I challenge all you business owners reading this to please, please, please take a moment to let your customers know that you’re not okay with them leaving their pets in their vehicles and when in the situation realize that it is your legal right, and your moral obligation to get that pet out.

Vet Visit Of Doom!

Hey Readers!

Today my pooch had his annual vet visit… This momma is SHOCKED at the outcome!

Firstly, many of you know the struggles I’ve had just getting weight on Oliver, and now the vet says he needs to LOSE 1 kilogram!! Thats 2.2 lbs, and on a little dog…yikes that is A LOT! It was our first time going to this vet, but she was amazing! And I’ll definitely be working on his weight. Guess we both need more exercise!!!

Then I had mentioned that a few weeks ago his anal glands had expressed while he sat in my lap. So she gloves and lubes up and investigates–they were so FULL they were like 10X their normal size…scary! Poor thing… More homework, learn to drain his pea sized glands regularly.

Then after we had a chat about eyes, teeth, and his coat the vet said the most shocking thing of all.
“You have the most well behaved Doxie I’ve ever met”!

We can’t be talking about the same needy, slightly snobby, cutie standing right here!?!?

Haha, ’til next time:)


To Smash Or Not To Smash

Hey Readers! I hope you are all enjoying the sun, lake, beach, and keeping your pets safe and cool indoors and not in your cars!

Up until recently, RCMP and local Police Departments have always stated that taking matters into your own hands when it comes to a pet in distress in a vehical is NOT a good idea. Today while reading The Province, I came accross this article:

Now, we are being told that we SHOULD be smashing windows to save both children and pets in distress or unconscious. It’s stated in this article that since there is no criminal intent behind the act that there can be NO criminal charges laid against you. (Awesome Sauce!).

So, lets all pull out our batons, bats, and heck, even a stone will do, and let irresponsible owners know we’re putting the safety of their kid or furkid first! 

By the way, before we go on a witch hunt….Signs of a distressed dog include:

– Rapid / Heavy Breathing

– Tongue is very red

– Thick Saliva

– Vomitting

– Collapse


THESE ARE FATAL if left untreated.

Dr. Ernie Ward has done many studies on dogs left in hot cars and has created this amazing video:

Now that we can all intelligently decide on the severity of a situation, be my guest and smash away:)

Puppy Fever

So it’s been a crazy week at my mother’s house. Her dog had 9 puppies, so we’ve been busy weighing, feeding, and caring for them! Just wanted to share a picture of the cuteness! Most puppies were born 14-16 ounces, however we have one little “Nugget” that was born at 7 oz so we’ll be giving him some extra attention and first dibs on the milk bar!


Happy Easter!

Joyeuses Pâques, Frohe Ostern, Fuhkwuhtjit Faailohk, Happy Easter friends! I hope your easter baskets are placed safely out of reach of your furbabies, but filled with delicious treats:) Don’t forget the dog’s Easter cookie either!! Just wanted to send out a brief reminder that we want our friends to be receiving CHOCOLATE Easter bunnies and not REAL Easter bunnies, because come Tuesday morning our shelters will be full from the long weekend and from unwanted bunnies.

2+1=4 BUNNIES CAN’T ADD BUT THEY SURE CAN MULTIPLY! Think twice before giving a bunny as a pet!

Much Love!

What Would It Take?

Can you guess what I’m about to say? SORRY for my absence, I’ve just been too busy being on “Kootenay Time”. But, there was a pretty interesting issue that came about this weekend.

An acquaintance of mine has been having some hard times, he’s had to live in his truck for about a week now with his chocolate labrador. He’s kept the heater running, they both have food, water and blankets. He has the option to live inside a home with his friend, but there are no pets allowed and so he’s opted to stay in his truck with his beloved canine companion. EVERY DAY he and his dog go for a long hike (or two), and this dog is heavily doted on…True love if you will.

Two days ago, my ‘acquaintance’ went inside his friends home to have some food and a shower. When he came out a few hours later,the dog had been taken from his vehical. After looking around, absolutely sick to his stomach, the dog was found at the SPCA. The dog had not been running loose, but was taken out of the vehical by the SPCA. In the summer we’re told that “only animals in DISTRESS” will be removed from hot cars. This leads me to believe that the SPCA has no right to simply remove the dog without attempting to make contact with the owner. No posting was left on the door and no one came to the house to knock and see if the dog was owned by anyone inside…

My acquaintance, being a responsible owner in my eyes, has opted to contact the dog’s breeder and give up ownership as he wants the dog to have the best life possible. The dog breeder has happily agreed to get the dog from the SPCA. If it were me, I don’t know if there would be any means to which I would give up my dog, it’s easy to say that but when I think about illness, poverty, or other horrible circumstances it may be a feesable option. Although, another option is to see if a family member could take your pet until either a) you were able to again or b) until a good home came along.

What would it take for you to give up rights to your pet?

And This Is My Dog….

Oh my goodness, it feels like every post I’m apologizing for my absence! Life has been pretty crazy lately. New job, getting my stuff together to go back to school in the fall, trying to find new hobbies in my sleepy town…DATING again! I have always seen Dr. Phil tell those single mothers “Don’t bring a guy home to meet your kids, blah blah blah”. WELL, I’m pretty sure the same can be said for dogs meeting new men/women that you are dating!

Recently, I started seeing a new guy who passed all my criteria for “the perfect man”, so naturally the next step was to introduce him to my wiener child, Oliver. I think at first, New Guy, tried to be really tolerant of said ankle biter, however the patience wore off fast. Although I forewarned that Oliver has issues with new men, I think his random barks and whines really…..pissed off “New Guy”. There was the time in the car when Oliver whined in his car seat and new guy turned around and said “Shut Up!” Slightly shocked, you will all be surprised that I made no comment. Then there was the time when we were watching a movie and Oliver was sniffing new guy, trying to get on his lap and snuggle and New Guy said “you idiot, you’re so annoying!” UMMM that was it. “Don’t talk to my dog like that,” I said as I laid a light smack across New Guy’s shoulder. Needless to say, we are no longer dating, and I think I’ll chop it up to me being a “Crazy Dog Lady”. But he did have two yappy dogs of his own I’ll have you know.

So, when do you make intros? If it’s too soon, but you’re at the ‘watch movies at my place stage’ what do you do with your dog? How do you begin to find someone who is okay with “adopting” your dog as well…. I think I had better just plan my dream home sans husband!

I heard there are specific dating websites for specific religions, Apple fanatics, car lovers, and now I’m thinkin’ I could get rich off of a “Must Love Dogs” online dating site with strict profiling. Such as:

Question 1: If your dog peed on the floor would you a) yell at it b) put it outside and clean up c) rub its nose in it d) call mommy.

Question 2:If your dog was humping a stuffed animal would you a) scream b)it wouldn’t because you fixed your pet a long time ago c) cheer it on or d) call mommy

Okay I think y’all get the picture, pretty good huh?

‘Til next time:)

Regret Can Be An Awful Lesson

Remember that moment you knew you were getting a new puppy, kitten, or other pet? Giddiness, joy, excitement fill your senses and everything is absolutely blissful in your mind as you picture happily ever after with your pet. But what happens when shit hits the fan? I remind y’all all the time what a HUGE commitment a pet can be, but this week, my neighbours learned a hefty lesson.

This August, my mother sat on her deck early in the morning sipping on her coffee enjoying the sun as it peaked over the Purcell mountains. Nearly choking on her mouthful, she noticed something white in the neighbour’s horse pen—something white, a new goat perhaps? No, apparently one of the horses had been with foal prior to them purchasing the horse. A little Paint girl was born and my mother sat bewildered, as did the neighbours as they stared out their house windows at the new bouncing baby girl awaiting in the pen. I will mention that these horses are the first horses these people ever owned. Fast forward 6 months. Once again we’re looking out our window at their horse pen (there’s not much going on here, neighbour watch is a regular thing) and we see mama horse waking with her head hung low and then laying down for 30-60 minutes all afternoon. Having 2 horses, and many others previously, my mother walked over to the neighbour’s fence and told them that something was wrong with their horse and the vet needed to be called. He said she had been doing this all day and he’d instead call his wife (who was away) to see what he should do. Within 30 minutes the local vet was on site and extracting an anal blockage. The horse was locked into the barn for rest, away from her foal which still was nursing, and we hoped she’d pull through. The next day we see a large back hoe (digging machine) on their property as we stare out our window. Mama had died during the night and they need to bury her body. Her foal is very upset and still missing her, but luckily has another older horse to console her.

So, this experience, although not quite my own, has taught me about the necessity of doing your RESEARCH before owning a type of pet that is new to you. It’s possible that many accidents, illness’, and other issues can be prevented, cured, or helped before they become lethal. It is important to know your pet, and get to know them fast, and about their breeds, characteristics, etc so that you can know when to “panic”.

Rest In Peace sweet Mama ❤

Is It Time?

Time–for many dogs this can mean years or days. Having a pet for 12+ years feels like an accomplishment worth receiving a medal for these days, but when the time comes our hearts ache as they have never ached before. I see the years passing quickly with my Oliver, just having celebrated his 2nd birthday and we’re coming up on his Gotcha Day in February. 2 years with my special man and it seems it was only yesterday the lady at A Paw Up Rescue in Prosser, Washington was handing me my bouncing baby boy. Tears welled in my eyes as he was placed in my arms for the first time, and tears will well when “the day” comes.

Most of you are aware I moved to the boonies to give Oliver a better life, a better home, and to live more stress free sans city life. Here in our new home we are co-habiting with 5 other dogs, one of which is nearing “the day” closer and closer day by day. She has mobility, visual, and hearing disabilities, and many days I can’t honestly tell how happy she is. So how do we tell when “it’s time”? Some say, ask you’re vet–they’ll tell you; when quality of life has run it’s course and we’re simply counting quantity; or when the tail stops wagging. It’s a (pardon my french) shitty situation, but part of being a responsible, and loving pet parent is telling yourself when enough is enough and allowing your loved one find peace once again.

I’ve told myself that at no matter what age, I will not allow Oliver to suffer. I will do whatever I can that is within my reach and my abilities to make him well again, but if “the time comes” I will compile many factors into my decision, but it all boils down to a combination of all the things I mentioned above. If my pet were to be completely miserable, suffering and pain-ridden for the majority of his days, I would have to consider humane euthanasia. I’ve recently heard of a story of a couple allowing their horse to suffer and die over a long period of starvation and not even be willing to put the animal down. I’ll think of this everytime I wonder if I’m doing the most compassionate thing.

Although this topic is touchy, and no one wants to think about it before you need to, I think having a “plan”, can save a lot of pain for both you and your pet. Remember that eventually (however unfortunate) this day will come, and we need to tell our dearly loved pets how much we love and appreciate them EVERY SINGLE DAY. It sounds crazy, but I tell Oliver every night in bed that he saved my life. He may, or may not understand, but the hug and kiss that follows–he gets:) You’re pets view you as ‘mama’ or ‘papa’, don’t take their love for granted and be kind to them as they age. Decisions will get tougher and tougher, but we can’t shy away from the right thing to do. And remember, the Rainbow Bridge is a respectful place that welcomes your pets with dog cookies (the really good ones too!)

As for the old girl in our house, we pray she’ll make it to her 15th birthday in May, 2013, consdiering we were told she’d never live past age 4.