We Are The Failures

Yesterday I was talking with my mother, whom Oliver and I are visiting for 6 days, about his new “snarky” habits. Granted, every Dachshund owner you speak with will tell you stories about how their Doxie can have some attitude issues, but I firmly believe that some behaviors can be taught through exposure and not just because of breed characteristics embedded in their genes.I believe the behaviour I see in my dog is a direct result of what I am or am not teaching my dog–his failures are my failures, we’re a team.

Lately, Oliver has been grumpy towards other dogs, especially puppies, after meeting them. Initially he presents happy, excited signs of wanting to meet another dog so I had been allowing him, and now I’m thinking “Why am I such an idiot?” Why?? Signs of excitement can be very bad, in fact one could say that aggression is just another form of excitement. No? Let me know your thoughts either way. Initially I was like, “Well, I just won’t let him meet any other dogs”, but that too is a recipe for disaster. 

So from now until…well awhile, we’re going to be going back to positive reinforcement clicker training, and I’ll post updates and progress as time goes! 

If you’ve never heard of Clicker Training here is a great starter video by canine Trainer Karen Pryor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHKOra47fsQ