On The Light Side..Plus A Few Calories!

With all the craziness going on, and Pit Bull hating I thought maybe we’d discuss something light and fun today, like pet crafts/baking! Who doesn’t love spoiling their pooch and seeing them at their happiest? First I’ll give you some of my ideas and then I’ll post some things I’ve found around the internet.

My Homemade Treat Ideas:

**Make a dog friendly, very thick, beef stew. Clean your dog’s Kong and stuff it with the cooled stew. Wrap with saran wrap and freeze. Once frozen give to your dog to enjoy for at least a good hour, soup takes a while to defrost but it could be messy on a carpeted area so keep that in mind. This is a great opportunity to add some salmon oil into their diet for a smooth/shiny coat.

**My dog is really into mommy’s sweet treats, and his favourite is my blueberry smoothie. I buy blueberry flavoured GREEK frozen yogurt, I toss some of that with a teeny bit of water and some frozen blueberries into a ninja or blender and usually I feed it to him off of my spoon. It’s nice to give them their own though so you don’t have to share (snicker), a small doggy bowl or ramekin will do, and blueberries are great for dogs! A good way to mix in some meds they may not want to take also. You could also stuff a kong and freeze.

**Frozen water melon rinds are a delicious treat. Simply cut off the pink seeded parts, leave on about a 1 inch rind and freeze. Give to dog to chew, like a bone, and it’s the perfect pup-cicle.

Treats From The Net:

**Oat and Apple Cookie Recipe

**Pumpkin Muffins

**Peanut Butter Bones

**Frozen Peanut Butter Yogurt Treats (could also freeze in ice cube trays)

Craft Ideas:

**Pet ID Tag


**Fleece Rope Toy

**Treat Bag

**Recycled Thrifty Dog Sweater

**Sweater Bed


**Treat Canister

**Crochet Cat Cave (english at the botton)

Lets all make something for our pooches this week and I’d love to see some photos of your creations email or post them on LongDogConnection’s Facebook page.