Good Vets Make All The Difference!

Holy smokes, there is only 33 days left until Christmas! Ha, sorry to freak y’all out, had to:P

So today, I volunteered to take my mom’s cat in to her vet’s office to have his ears checked, what I discovered there may shock you: ALL VETS ARE NOT ALIKE.  I’ve never been so thankful to have had 2 amazing vet’s in the time I’ve had my dog. When we lived in Vancouver, we went to Como Lake Veterinary in Coquitlam. Now in the Kootenays we go to Selkirk Veterinary. Both vet’s have been above kind, caring and gentle with my dog. Today, this vet had zero bed side manner, treated me like I knew nothing about anything and his assistant was extremely dis-heartening. I watched as she brutally grabbed my mothers cat and treated him as if he were a meaningless rag doll. Then after overhearing that a dog was licking their bandage in the kennels, I watched as she walked to the kennel and screamed at the dog to “stop it”. After biting my tongue, and completing our appointment, I had to wait, with my terrified cat in tow, for 10 minutes as they figured out who was going to accept my debit card payment and just how much they were going to charge me for this visit. Never again. My mother has since been told to take her business elsewhere. 

It is important to know what you want in a pet care provider, kindness, empathy and gentleness are high on my list–and I won’t settle for less. Figure out what is important to you and whether or not you fully trust your provider–you shouldn’t settle for anything less either.


Vet Visit Of Doom!

Hey Readers!

Today my pooch had his annual vet visit… This momma is SHOCKED at the outcome!

Firstly, many of you know the struggles I’ve had just getting weight on Oliver, and now the vet says he needs to LOSE 1 kilogram!! Thats 2.2 lbs, and on a little dog…yikes that is A LOT! It was our first time going to this vet, but she was amazing! And I’ll definitely be working on his weight. Guess we both need more exercise!!!

Then I had mentioned that a few weeks ago his anal glands had expressed while he sat in my lap. So she gloves and lubes up and investigates–they were so FULL they were like 10X their normal size…scary! Poor thing… More homework, learn to drain his pea sized glands regularly.

Then after we had a chat about eyes, teeth, and his coat the vet said the most shocking thing of all.
“You have the most well behaved Doxie I’ve ever met”!

We can’t be talking about the same needy, slightly snobby, cutie standing right here!?!?

Haha, ’til next time:)


Euthanasia–Not Such A Joke After All

Upon reading my newspaper on my commute to work this morning, an article grabbed my attention. The Globe and Mail, and Metro News are both reporting today about an 8 year old cat named Lady, who visited the vet for a flea bath and ended up being euthanized. The owner of the cat had her 24 year old son to bring Lady to the vet and accidentally signed forms allowing her to be euthanized. The woman is calling for a lawsuit on the grounds of negligence against the vet, Dr. Muhammed Malik. Obviously we don’t know the entire story, as both sides usually differ in their accounts, but from my own experience I know these things can happen. The son is reporting that originally he thought this was some kind of joke.
I work in a dental office, and I have seen dentists preform treatment that was not agreed to by the patient. This could range from pulling the wrong tooth, drilling a cavity prep on the wrong tooth, etc. How do these things happen? Negligence occurs usually when people are stressed, extremely busy or behind in their job (especially when there is a schedule), or when they are tired. Doctors whether they be treating humans or animals need to triple check that they are a) working on the right patient and b) doing the correct treatment. I’ve also seen patients receiving treatment that they agreed to and by no negligence of the Doctor the patient was angry after the fact because they didn’t understand what the treatment really was, or they just didn’t listen.

Of course it it possible that Dr. Malik didn’t make a mistake and found something on the cat that suggested that his quality of life was no longer good enough and purposefully suggested euthanasia, but the son didn’t understand that, or bother to contact the Lady’s true owner, his mother before signing.

How can we avoid losing our pets to negligence, or to understand what occurs during vet visits?

  1. Accompany your pets to the vet if possible, and be with them during treatment if possible
  2. Make sure your pet has ID on their collar
  3. Double read anything you are asked to sign and ask questions
  4. Get a second opinion if you are worried about the treatment being suggested
  5. Take a day to think about treatment if you’re uneasy about it, unless your pet is obviously suffering.
  6. Make sure you trust your vet and if you have a sick feeling about the practice, find another one.

Relationships with our vets are important ones. They have knowledge and education that we don’t. We may not understand what they are talking about so it is our responsibility to make sure we dissect the information and understand it before signing on the dotted line.
For more information on this story please visit this webpage.

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